Driven by a purpose

Our approach to innovation is like no other. It’s about understanding patient and user behavior at the individual level.

We solve problems for healthcare organizations by creating intuitive and easy-to-use solutions. The results are breakthroughs for improving medication adherence.

We do our homework

We learn first-hand by witnessing the challenges of the industry. Our team develops critical user experience insights by integrating ourselves with patients, their families, pharmacists, health organizations, providers and clinicians. Through our research approach, we uncover and respect the difficulties all users experience. Our innovation is driven by our passion for solving problems.

Our Process

Your platform for medication adherence

By blending innovation with our product development expertise, we created Nomi, a medication adherence system and platform. From concept to end product, Nomi's mission is to help healthcare professionals understand and improve patients’ adherence to medication - ultimately delivering better outcomes.

We’ve developed and are constantly refining Adherence Media™, messaging that improves patient outcomes by communicating across a broad spectrum of platforms (smart phones, tablets, desktop computers to name a few) to patients, families, care givers and clinicians. Nomi's intelligent messaging platform powers the delivery of Adherence Media™, allowing you to customize, test and advance intervention content and protocols specific to each patient.

The next generation of medication technology

Healthcare professionals need accurate information to understand their patients. We collaborate with innovators to develop new devices, solutions, and programs that bridge the gap between the prescribed regimen and patient actions.

We are always innovating. We are always testing. We are always solving problems.