Empowering and impacting patient medication adherence

Understand and influence patient behavior

Nomi records patient medication behavior as it happens. By using real-time insights, the system reinforces positive behavior and intervenes to help patients take their medication and continue their treatment. Nomi collectively brings together healthcare professionals with the patient and their family to improve patient health outcomes.

Learn how it works

This is Lucy. She needs Nomi.

Like many patients with chronic illnesses, Lucy finds it difficult to take her medication. Nomi can help. Nomi helps Lucy improve her adherence to treatment and improve her health.

Innovating for healthcare

We developed Nomi to improve medication compliance. But, we won’t stop there. We continuously solve problems by partnering with healthcare organizations to develop new solutions with profound focus on medication adherence and advancements for healthcare.

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Nomi is an official Verizon Innovation Partner. Through this strategic partnership, our technology is certified and powered on the nation’s largest cellular provider. Verizon also provides development and system integration support to help Nomi grow.

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